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Vacation Friends 2? John Cena, The Cast And Director Reveal What They’d Like To See Next

In the new Hulu comedy Vacation Friends, a couple sees that vacation where they got a little crazy come back to haunt them. It's a simple enough premise that leads to solid laughs. While things are far from normal with movies these days, an R-rated comedy like Vacation Friends is the sort of thing that, if it found its audience, could become a massive hit and spawn a sequel or two. So what would the cast and director of Vacation Friends like to see in a potential sequel, well, more vacation friends of course. Check out the responses of John Cena and more in the video above.

CinemaBlend's own Sarah El-Mahmoud had a chance to sit down with Vacation Friends director Clay Tarver as well as the cast of the film, including John Cena, and she asked what they all might like to see in a theoretical sequel. While most everybody seemed to be on board with the idea of a sequel, doing that would likely require upping the ante, and including even more cast members. Co-star Yvonne Orji perhaps had the best idea for somebody who could join the next film, as she thought Idris Elba would be great, saying...

You know, I would like to see Idris Elba. Just strip himself off the James Bond aesthetic and then just be placed in some zany situations and have to like, roll with the punches. Yeah. With the British accent mind you, and the salt and pepper beard. So it's kind of like he's on vacation, maybe on a honeymoon and we're like 'A-ha, we got you.'

It's often a lot of fun to see actors really play against type and Idris Elba is often playing very serious people in very serious movies. We don't usually get to see him be silly, or in this case, as it would probably play out, he would still be serious, but a bunch of silly stuff would end up happening to him.

Director Clay Tarver says that just dealing with the four stars of Vacation Friends was tough, trying to capture everything they did, and so adding even more characters would make things even more complex. Having said that, he also clearly hints that a sequel may be something that's already being discussed. It also sounds like increasing the size of the core cast could very well be a part of that.

Whether or not we actually get a Vacation Friends 2 is anybody's guess but it will likely be determined by the viewership on Hulu. If the audience is there for the first movie, then there's every reason to make a sequel. It sounds like John Cena is ready to come back and the rest of the cast likely is as well.

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