Zach Galifianakis Is A Malfunctioning Robot In Ron's Gone Wrong Trailer (And Knives Are Involved)

Robots can be either our best friends or our worst enemies. At least, that’s what various movies and stories have told us throughout time. However, 20th Century Studios’ Ron’s Gone Wrong plays towards somewhat of a middle ground, thanks to the presence of Zach Galifianakis’ character, Ron. While he’s desperate to please, the titular “best friend out of the box” does go on a bit of a malfunctioning rampage, and knives are involved. And yet, Ron is actually pretty adorable when you overlook his unintentional acts of potential violence.

Through a new trailer released by 20th Century Studios, Ron’s Gone Wrong has unveiled even more of its charming story. As young Barney (Luca’s Jack Dylan Grazer)finds himself on the outside of the latest tech trend, the B-Bot, his hopes for fitting in are even more dire than they already were. But that could change, thanks to his father’s birthday gift of Ron, the slightly defective B-Bot; who’s about to change his life for better or worse.

Which brings us to the whole part about playing with knives, as Ron’s Gone Wrong sees a cute and cuddly robot running head first into life. This apparently isn’t the best idea, as Ron is missing some very important code that should provide him with the proper knowledge to go out into the world. So not only does Barney need to teach Ron everything from square one, he needs to stop the manufacturers from capturing his new best friend, and sending him to the crusher.

Ron runs with cleaver in hand in Ron's Gone Wrong.

Co-starring an assortment of talent that includes The Lorax’s Ed Helms and The Mitchells vs. The Machines’ Olivia Colman, Ron’s Gone Wrong has a voice cast that’s headed up by some seasoned talent from the world of animation. Even Zach Galifianakis’s experiences with Laika’s Missing Link and The Lego Batman Movie are a huge boost to this heartfelt comedy. So while there may be some danger ahead in the world of Ron and Barney’s adventures, there’s tons of safety with the team that’s behind Ron’s Gone Wrong.

For now, Ron’s Gone Wrong promises a story about a boy, his robot, and the open road. Right there, the potential for hijinks is already promising, and this is just the beginning. Thankfully, audiences won’t have to wait too long for Ron and Barney to make their way to the cineplex; as this big trailer comes with even greater news.

Ron’s Gone Wrong glitches into the world, only in theaters, on October 22nd. But if you’re curious what other family movies are headed to theaters and streaming, check out our 2021 release schedule. You won’t find any glitches in there, though you could discover some more stories of technology gone wrong on the horizon.

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