Rian Johnson Wrapped Knives Out 2 By Praising A Film That He Totally Loves

Daniel Craig sits back with a bemused smile in the library in Knives Out.

Much mystery has surrounded the production of writer/director Rian Johnson’s latest whodunnit, which for the time being, and not for lack of ideas, is still known as Knives Out 2. But from what details we’ve seen coming out of Benoit Blanc’s latest case, it’s going to be another wild ride. Which is fitting as Johnson seems to have celebrated wrapping on this first of two Netflix sequels by partaking in another bonkers streaming original: Leos Carax and Sparks’ musical odyssey Annette.

Praise is the word of the moment, as Johnson officially announced Knives Out 2’s completion of principal photography. It's been almost three months since the film started its gears in Greece and, as a result, it seemed likely that the fun of this second round was coming to an end some time soon. To confirm that the Daniel Craig fronted sequel has finished filming, Rian Johnson took to Twitter to praise his cast, his crew, and the madness of Annette, as follows:

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Rian Johnson has spent pretty much the entire summer closing the case on Knives Out 2’s filming schedule. So it’s good to see him congratulating all involved for a job well done. But on top of this virtual pat on the back, it’s equally exciting to see the recent Netflix convert enjoying the competition. Especially considering Annette feels like a movie that Johnson would indeed get a kick out of.

It’s been almost a month since Knives Out 2 wrapped its Grecian antics, a stark contrast to the Massachusetts locales that populated the original 2019 film. And during production, fans were able to get some sweet peeks at the cavalcade of talent Rian Johnson has recruited for the film. Everyone from Ethan Hawke to Dave Bautista has been spotted on the set, through sneaky photography or from social media posts from other participants like Kate Hudson.

No one knows when Knives Out 2 will be properly titled, or even when it’s set to be released. That’ll be up to Rian Johnson and Netflix’s discretion, which will only be determined by the post-production process that will undoubtedly take up Johnson’s future schedule. But for now, fans can continue speculating just what Benoit Blanc’s second adventure will entail. Though if that exercise ever runs out of steam, there’s always trying to figure out which songs from Annette have made a new home in Johnson's head.

As of right now, we’ll have to wait for further developments on Knives Out 2 and its sequel and, hopefully, it won't be too long before we get those additional details. But if the studio wants to strike while the iron is hot, perhaps they can start talks for developing an original Billy Joel jukebox musical with Rian Johnson. Meanwhile, if you want to see just how crazy Annette can truly get, the film is now streaming on Prime Video.

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