Epcot's New Restaurant Grand Opening Had A Line Longer Than The Rides

Space 220 at Epcot

Whether you're a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World or somebody planning a once in a lifetime trip, the first thing on your list is always going to be whatever is new and exciting. Of course, the newest rides and shows always have the longest lines, making them more difficult to get into. The newest ride to open at Epcot is only a couple weeks away with the public debut of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, but yesterday Epcot got its newest addition, a brand new restaurant called Space 220. And it ended up with a line to rival any attraction.

Getting a table at the popular restaurants is always tough inside a theme park. You usually need to make your reservation weeks or even months in advance. However, reservations for the new Space 220 restaurant don't actually begin for a few days, making this a sort of soft launch. The only way to get in was to wait in line, and wait people did, with reports that the line was something around five hours long, making it clearly longer than any other line in Epcot and probably the longest line at Walt Disney World resort.

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Located next to MISSION: Space, Space 220 is a restaurant that makes guests feel as if they're dining 220 miles above the earth. Windows display the earth below, astronauts on a space walk, and stars as far as you can see. The menu is a two course lunch for $55 or a three course dinner for $79 and while some balked at the price, there clearly was enough demand on day one if the line was as long as some attractions have been when they opened to the public.

Certainly, whether Space 220 is worth it will a topic of conversation going forward, and not everybody will agree. Having said that, it certainly looks like a unique experience that you'll only find a place like Walt Disney World. People were certainly willing to try Space 220 at least once. And it's possible that the line was even longer as some anecdotal reports are that the wait to get a table at Space 220 was even longer than five hours.

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How long the wait will be going forward we'll have to wait and see. The good news is that, while the wait might still be five hours long or longer, nobody will need to stand in the massive line, as Space 220 began using a virtual line system this morning. Why this wasn't implemented on the first day is unclear, except that perhaps Disney World wanted to be able to produce the photos of long lives in order to build hype for the new location. With Disney World's 50th anniversary nearly here, Space 220 will likely remain very popular for the next several months.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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