It’s A Big Week For The Smith Family As House Catches Fire, Jada Turns 50 And Talks About Living With Will

Jada Pinkett Smith in Girls Trip

What do you get someone who seemingly has everything? Certainly not a house fire. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s house caught on fire this week right before The Matrix franchise actress turned 50. At her 50th celebration, Smith talked about living with her husband and what exactly it takes to “put up” with him.

According to Page Six, the Smiths’ $42 million dollar estate had a house fire in the basement on Monday afternoon. Although one of the firefighters had to be treated on location, everyone is doing just fine and the family is still staying in their home despite the fiery mishap.

The fire didn’t put a stop to Jada Pinkett Smith’s 50th birthday celebration either, as Smith, along with her mother and daughter Willow Smith, still held their talk show Red Table Talk, which is filmed in the home, and dedicated the special episode to the birthday lady. For the birthday celebration, a number of celebrities sent Smith their well wishes via video, and they each asked a thoughtful question to commemorate her hitting a half-century on Earth.

George Clooney’s video was the first of many to appear on the episode. While hiding in his closet from his three-year-old twins, The Midnight Sky actor was his ever-charming self and finally asked Jada Pinkett Smith just how she “puts up” with Will Smith, basically saying she is the essence of grace while her husband, well, isn’t. After having a little laugh, Smith replies with a loving and introspective answer, saying you have to learn to put up with and love yourself before doing the same for anyone else. Here’s what she said exactly:

No, I'm just saying. He looks great. I think that what you really have to learn is how to have a friendship. You know, 'cause, really, how do you put up with anybody? How do you put up with, you know...yourself. You know, and once you learn how to put up with yourself, you really learn how to put up with all others. And I think, for me, I had so much emotional maturity that I had to do. I really had to take the time to learn how to love myself because how we love ourselves is how we show people how to love us.

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have been married for over 20 years and have two adult children together, and although have had their very public ups and downs, their lasting marriage is one that people could take a grain of knowledge or two from. Smith’s words about balancing love for yourself and others is certainly one of these knowledge nuggets to keep in mind.

50 looks good on Jada Pinkett Smith, and you can catch her in the Matrix franchise's fourth film as Niobe, one of the returning franchise regulars. The Matrix Resurrections is set to release on December 22.

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