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I liked Ninja Assassin a lot, despite all evidence that it's not really a good movie, because it knows exactly what it is-- a tribute to fighting and kicking and jumping and really, really cool weaponry. At the center of it all is Korean pop star Rain, who stuck to a brutal diet and trained every day for months to get into incredible shape to play Raizo, the rouge assassin who fights against the main who raised him in the name of justice... or something. Whatever, it doesn't really matter.

Warner Bros. clearly knows that Rain and his muscles are the main appeal-- Taylor Lautner is so last week!-- so they've released a training montage film, intersplicing Rain's rehearsal footage with shots of him kicking serious ass in the movie too. It moves as swiftly and energetically as the movie itself, and if it's man-candy you're looking for, you can't do much better than this. Ninja Assassin is now open everywhere, so if you've had it with the mystical hunks of New Moon, we have found your new crush.

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