Taylor Lautner And His Wife Taylor Lautner Wear The Same Black Dress In Funny TikToks

Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
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Taylor Lautner and his wife have a lot in common. Other than the shared love the two have for each other, as the Lautners also share the same first and last name. Now, it would seem that the couple is further the concept of twinning and doing so in a fun way. The pair both slayed in the same black dress by way of some funny TikToks. And yes, the clips are just as delightful as you'd probably imagine them to be.

Since the two Taylor Launters live under the same roof, that means they can consult each other on fashion choices for major events. It’s one thing to give fashion advice on what suit and dress to wear, but it's another when it comes to deciding who looks better in the same dress. In a funny TikTok video posted by Mrs. Lautner, both she and her hubby jokingly wore the same black sequined dress while lip-syncing the Family Guy audio, “Well, one of us is gonna have to change.” Take a look at the hilarious short below:


♬ one of us is gonna have to change - xoxoclips

This gorgeous black sequined dress was the one Mrs. Taylor Lautner wore at this year's NFL Honors event. What brought a smile to my face was seeing the Twilight actor wear this same outfit with rising white socks in heels showing off his sexy bare leg. He absolutely played the part of a diva in this TikTok. Many comments jokingly asked how we’d be able to tell the two Taylor Lautners apart since they wee wearing the same ensemble. Not only that, but users felt they both killed in the dress, and I have to agree.

The hilarity further ensued, as the Valentine’s Day actor’s dress didn’t come off that quickly after that video. Another TikTok post from Taylor Lautner himself saw him continuing to wow users by teaching them “the French word for trash.” You can see the Abduction actor working that top below:


♬ original sound - Bunnie 🎪

Most surely already knew that Taylor Lautner has a major six-pack, as fans watched him wolf out as Jacob in the Twilight movies (which is available with a Hulu subscription). But who knew about his impressive legwork? Despite those strong limbs and flaunting them while wearing those heels though, his wife was ultimately the lucky one to wear that black sequined dress at the NFL Honors. With that, her husband still slayed while wearing a brown jacket and matching pants.

The two Taylors are so lovely and arguably have a love story you can argue is better than the main one depicted in Twilight. Lautner adorably met his future wife through his sister, who met her in church. She knew that Taylor (who's maiden name is Dome) would be the perfect match for her brother and couldn’t resist introducing them. Her sisterly instincts proved to be correct, as the two Taylors got married after four years of dating, and they became Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner. For his part, Mr. Lautner found a cute way to propose, as he created a romantic kitchen setting of candles, flowers, and a “Lautner” sign as he got down on one knee and popped the question. The Mrs. was apparently weeping so hard that it took her a while to finally say yes in between sobs.

Taylor Lautner and his wife may share the same name, but it doesn’t mean the two can pull off wearing the same dress at events together. Still, I think the funny pair ultimately made a solid compromise when deciding who would wear the piece. To keep track of any upcoming projects he might have, keep your eyes on the 2024 movie schedule.

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