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Lately Hollywood has been obsessed with vampires and werewolves, churning out movies that have more to do with playing to the craze than being creative. What's the next monster to get cranked out of the machine? Try Frankenstein.

A couple of weeks ago Lakeshore announced they were moving forward with an adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel I, Frankenstein. Now 1019 Entertainment has announced it will produce a whole franchise of Franken-flicks based on Dean Koontz' series ,Frankenstein.

The twist? C'mon, if this is going to be the next craze everyone's gotta have a one! Koontz' books are set in 21st century New Orleans with Dr. Frankenstein's monster (dubbed Deucalion) being the first of a new breed of perfect super-humans created through genetic engineering. Deucalion is deranged, yes, but really smart. He has a deep understanding of quantum science and can transport himself anywhere he wants. Actually, if the cover of the graphic novel version of the first book in the series is any indication (yes, the books even have their own graphic novel adaptations), this new monster has pouty lips, sexy hair, low riding jeans and really great abs. Perfect. Another monster that's more runway model than mutant freak.

According to Variety, Ralph Winter (producer on the X-Men franchise) and Terry Botwick (producer on the Veggie Tales film franchise) will produce the series.

Koontz has already written three books with a fourth to be released this summer and two more before the end of 2012. That's fodder for six movies, which Botwick and Winter claim will "keep the public coming back to the theaters for many years to come".

And since 3D is the newest fad and something that will no doubt lend itself nicely to movies about sexy super-human engineered freaks, major studio execs are no doubt already wetting themselves with glee at the distribution possibilities.

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