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Now that it's moving forward after years of development stalls, Peter and Bobby Farrelly's Hall Pass is gaining cast members at a pretty amazing rate. As THR reports, joining Jenna Fischer, Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson will be Nicky Whelan and Derek Waters, who have just signed on to the cast.

Whelan will be playing a pivotal role, as a woman who tempts WIlson's character once he's been given the free pass. Waters, for his part, plays a barista and DJ who somehow gets in the way between Whelan and Wilson. You may recognized Whelan from the newly rebooted Scrubs, in which she pays a medical student. Waters is best known at the moment as a filmmaker; he co-directed the short Drunk History, which starred Will Ferrell and Jack Black and won the Grand Jury Prize for short filmmaking at Sundance.

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