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The fate of Richard B. Riddick was thrown into question after the flashy and ultimately disastrous 2004 sequel to Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, posted mind-numbingly low numbers next to its inflated budget. The true fans of Riddick stuck by his side even after such a failure, hoping director David Twohy would get to take another shot at it. Now, their loyalty is finally being rewarded.

Titled (terribly) The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, Corona Coming Attractions got a hold of the script and give use a long winded run down of what could be described in just one word: violence. The script pulls Riddick out of his Necromonger throne and leaves him beaten and bloodied on the way to his homeland of Furya within the first 15 pages. Via flashback, we're told that Riddick refuses to swear in as the leader of the Necromongers, willing his army to Karl Urban's Vaako and shuttling home.

The realization comes to Riddick that he's gone soft, that he's been weakened by his feelings for people who have entered his life and the only way to survive is to revert back into the full-on predator mode we're so familiar with from Pitch Black. And here's where our violence takes over. Riddick is forced to cut his way through endless bounty hunters looking for a piece of the most ruthless killer in the universe. So what to expect out of Dead Man Stalking is nothing more than Riddick's all too well-trained will to survive as he shreds every person that crosses his path. It'll be fast paced, big, packed with action, and most of all...bloody.

According to CCA, the film is budgeted around $60 million, a modest amount compared to the reported $110-$150 million the last one cost. Since the goal of the film is to get Riddick back to his "lean, mean, killing machine" origins, much more in the vein of Pitch Black which only cost $20 million, the proposed budget should be enough to make something work. You shouldn't raise your hopes too high just yet, but the early signs point to this turning out pretty great. More on this as casting and locations are announced.

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