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Back before the whole Pitt-Jolie business turned her into an unlikeable mess, Jennifer Aniston starred in one of the greatest cult comedies of last twenty years: Office Space. While she isn't the film's main character, she experiences just as much horror at work as our three boys from Initech, dealing with intolerable co-workers and a boss who repeatedly drives home the importance of "flair." Now, after eleven years, it appears she's ready to get back into the office comedy, only this time she's playing for the wrong side.

THR says Aniston, Jason Bateman and It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia star Charlie Day are currently in negotiations for Horrible Bosses, a comedy by director Seth Gordon (King of Kong) that will likely end up being called Strangers on a Train meets Office Space. Should the actors sign on, Bateman and Day will play two of three best friends who are miserable at work and decide to kill each others bosses. Aniston, as well as Colin Farrell (also in talks), will play two of the three bosses.

Is it weird that I really want to see this project made with this cast? I couldn't really care less about Aniston, but Bateman never disappoints when given a good script (though it's somewhat rare) and it would be interesting to see how Day makes the transfer from TV to film. The project has been in various stages of production for years now, with names like Ashton Kutcher, Dax Shephard, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn occasionally attached, but Bateman and Day could make a solid base for a big summer comedy.

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