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In a movie full of genius comedic performances Tom Cruise’s brief stint as the balding, hairy, alpha male studio executive Les Grossman grabbed people by the balls and made them laugh more than almost any other Tropic Thunder. There have been rumors for awhile that Grossman might eventually get a spin off movie, and while that still hasn’t happened, the character has found another way to invade your movie life: He’s producing the MTV Movie Awards.

Tom Cruise is back in his Grossman bald cap kicking ass and taking names in the following MTV Movie Awards promo. In it, we learn the real mastermind behind Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance number. It’s Les, who like many, seems to prefer Tom Cruise without pants.

Watch the return of Les Grossman, below:

Wait, it keeps getting better. After fixing Tom Cruise, Les Grossman gives career advice to Robert Pattinson. Watch:

For the first time in a very long time, maybe there’s a reason to watch the MTV Movie Awards. Be there Sunday, June 6.

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