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Back in 1998, Fox set up a comedy called This Means War for Martin Lawrence. At the time, the actor's star was blowing up, having been in Bad Boys three years earlier and starring in the television show Martin for the last five. He was set for stardom. Now, twelve years later, Fox is still trying to get the film made, but what's Lawrence's involvement? He has no involvement.

New York Magazine reports that star-of-the-moment Sam Worthington is in talks to take over the role that was originally written for Lawrence more than a decade ago. Now being directed by McG and co-starring Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon, Worthington will play a veteran spy who, upon falling in love with the same girl as his best friend and fellow spy, engages in all out warfare to take his opponent out of the picture. The Australian actor is also considering a film titled Man on a Ledge, in which he would play a character who appears to be a suicidal ex-cop, but in actuality is a diversion to cover up the world's greatest diamond heist. The films would have conflicting schedules, meaning that Worthington can only choose one.

It's hard not to be of two minds about this potential casting. On the one hand, a visual match-up between Worthington and Pine just makes sense. They actually look like a duo that a) could actually be trained spies and b) could hold themselves together during an elongated battle. The problem? When has Worthington ever shown a funny bone? As the Looney Tunes-esque title implies, this is a comedy and I can't think of a single time the man has cracked a joke. But who knows? Maybe this will be his opportunity to finally show some range.

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