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For those not looking forward to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel after the horror show that was the first one, I have some rough news: Deadline is reporting that Hugh Jackman has dropped Avon Man from his list of upcoming projects in favor of getting back in shape for the superhero film. Attached to the project since last July, the film, which will be directed by Kevin Lima, would have had Jackman playing a recently-fired car dealer who is forced to sell makeup door-to-door in order to make ends meet. The film is currently scheduled for an October start date as the studio looks for a new actor.

While bulking up, the article also reports that Jackman may spend the fall filming Selma with director Lee Daniels. The movie was supposed to start shooting last spring and Jackman put on 30 pounds for the role, but he dropped the weight when production was delayed and he began filming Real Steel.

Is anyone out there actually excited about the prospect of Wolverine 2? The first one continues to give me night terrors (HOW COULD THEY SEW UP DEADPOOL'S MOUTH? HOW?) and I'm not the only one. The only positive this thing has going for it is Christopher McQuarrie's involvement, but considering the last script he wrote was Valkyrie, that news may not be as good as it sounds.