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We all know that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not a good movie. There wasn’t one good thing about it other than Ryan Reynolds, and they proceeded to screw that all up too. How the movie made as much money as it did is baffling, but nevertheless it did make money and we are getting a sequel whether we like it or not.

Vulture posted an article today claiming their inside source have it that David Slade is the likeliest person to take over the director’s chair from Gavin Hood. He’s not the only contender, just the top candidate. Also in the running is Red director Robert Schwentke. Both will be meeting with Hugh Jackman in the next week to discuss the position, but since Schwentke seems to be busier, Slade will probably get the job.

Slade gave us 30 Days of Night and most recently Twilight: Eclipse so we know he can make a solid, action packed movie. His skill isn’t in question. What is in question though is the bogus story cooked up by Christopher McQuarrie.

The sequel's plot follows Logan into the orient where he begins a “forbidden romance” with a Japanese woman set to be wed to another man. In true Wolverine fashion, he doesn’t plan on giving up that easy and he does battle with her father and brothers to save his relationship. SuperHeroHype put together that we’ll probably see Silver Samurai pop in and possibly Yukio, but does anybody really care?

People aren’t looking for some obscure storyline from Wolverine’s deep past, they’re looking for the big stuff. Maybe that’s just me, but I will be pissed if we don’t see Omega Red show up on screen some time in this series. But I think I’d be more pissed if a shitty series kept digging for money. So I’m prepared to be disappointed either way.

With Slade on board the film has potential, but getting excited for this is something no one should do.

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