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The live-action Akira remake that has been going in fits and starts in Hollywood for years now got a major jolt earlier this year, when director brothers Allen and Albert Hughes signed on to direct, and brought on screenwriter Albert Torres to shape the script. There was still no guarantee, of course, that a movie would result from any of this work-- we've been down this road before-- but now there's a casting rumor that, if it's true, could make this project a whole lot more interesting, for beter or for worse.

Over at Bloody Disgusting they're hearing that the directors have offered the lead role, a leader of a bike gang trying to stop a coming apocalypse, to Zac Efron. Yeah, he of the swoopy bangs and rock hard abs and plenty of comedic skill but no proven action ability whatsoever. The role is only being offered, so there are no promises, but it might be time for you Akira fans to grow accustomed to those baby blues.

I'm a longstanding Efron defender and honestly feel like the kid could do anything, so who's to say this role is above him? It would be a change of pace, sure, but most of the good roles are. Don't kill me for saying this, especially knowing nothing about Akira, but isn't it possible this could work? Sound off in the comments below.

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