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Just a few hours ahead of kickoff for this year's Super Bowl, Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau spoiled what many film fans were most excited to see: the 30-second TV spot for the upcoming summer blockbuster. At just a fraction of the length of the teaser trailer we saw back in November, it still manages to cram in a lot of action, plus good looks at the alien spacecraft that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford will be fending off in the Old West.

Check out the TV spot below, then watch it again in slo-mo to catch all the little details, like the way the alien spaceship expands in midair, or even how badass Daniel Craig looks when he spins both a rifle and a revolver. Oh, and you might notice that Olivia Wilde appears to be naked-- not that the Super Bowl audience cares about that kind of thing, of course. Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters July 29, and if America isn't excited about the movie after seeing this, I don't want to live here anymore.

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