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The J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar has gotten infinitely more media attention than most Clint Eastwood projects receive before they go into production, and that's entirely because American can't get enough of gay makeouts. No, I'm serious-- from the minute we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio was set to star in the film, there were countless reports about how much of Hoover's homosexuality and cross-dressing would be covered in the film, particularly once The Social Network's Armie Hammer signed on to play Hoover's lover Clyde Tolson.

Now we're getting our first look from the set of J. Edgar, and sorry to disappoint the masses, but there are no gay makeouts happening just yet. Instead we're seeing DiCaprio in 1940s period clothing, a look vaguely similar to the way we've seen him in The Aviator and Revolutionary Road. The photos come from Just Jared; you can click on the larger one below for the full collection. DiCaprio looks good, of course, but we knew that was going to happen-- it'll be way more interesting to see how Hammer adapts to the period clothing. Given that he's basically a human Adonis, of course, he probably won't have much trouble at all.

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