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I'm very happy to tell you that the occasional podcast I've been doing with pals David Ehrlich, Matt Patches and Dave Gonzales now has a home-- Kino Katey, the new section of the site we've launched this week. We're still working on coming up with a name, but for now call it the Kino Katey Podcast, and feel free to make your own suggestions. For our inaugural episode at our new home, it's just Dave and me, since Patches and David are off poisoning themselves with barbecue at SXSW. But don't worry, Dave and I are doing just fine! We talked about the string of sci-fi movies coming out this spring and whether or not that's a trend that spells the end of the superhero genre. We also kept digressing into how excited we are about Super 8, how wary we are about Sucker Punch, and comparing notes on our respective visits to the set of Battle: Los Angeles.

You can now subscribe to the podcast via iTunes by either clicking the button in the sidebar or below. You can also stream it right here on the page, though why would you want to do that when you can get it through iTunes and listen to it anywhere? Whatever you decide to do, take a listen, let us know what you think, and expect much more from where that came from.

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