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Eager to continue past successes, Lionsgate has decided to release Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds on February 24th, 2012. The director/writer/actor has continually crushed at the box office rolling out his efforts either in February or on the Easter weekend, and with that track record, it’s not surprising Lionsgate would go with the cautious, proven route.

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds follows a successful and engaged businessman who falls hard for a single mother right before his wedding. Unwilling to just discard his feelings yet worried about hurting his fiancé, he weighs his options before ultimately coming to a decision. Like its release date, Good Deeds very much seems in keeping with the proven Tyler Perry formula, but there’s no shame in going to the same well provided it’s still netting water. Expect comedy, poignant moments and an overt moral lesson.

According to Variety, that February 24th weekend in question is Presidents Day. Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail pulled in more than ninety million debuting at the same time in 2009. Typically, February is seen as a burying ground for C- efforts the studio has no confidence in releasing against superior competition, but with niche audiences, the standard maxims don’t apply. Tyler Perry’s audience will show up, regardless of the time of year. Big-budget offerings need not only hardened fans but casual theatergoers who want to see something to turn out. Tyler Perry doesn’t. He’s perfectly happy pleasing his fan base, and I would be shocked if Good Deeds didn’t do that.

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