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How often does a movie come out about wrestling that doesn’t suck? Win Win really doesn’t suck; of course it isn’t about wrestling, exactly, either. It’s hard to tell this, as the film promotes the wrestling thing in excess and few people saw it to begin with during its decently limited release. Win Win only came to my liberal artsy college town for one weekend before disappearing as quietly as it came. What you should know about Win Win is it features Paul Giamatti in a more winning role than Barney’s Version. That, and Cinema Blend’s Katey Rich liked the film.

I’m a sucker for Eminem references and Melanie Lynskey, which both appear in Win Win so I’ve done my best to promote the film. The only other card I have up my sleeve is its DVD and Blu-Ray release date and special features list, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Win Win streets on August 30 and comes with a discussion of the film, as well as deleted scenes. Several Sundance interviews are included, but there are no hints as to whether these will be panel interviews, or something more informal. The video for “Think You Can Wait” by The National will round out the special features, but if you’d rather, you can just check it out, below.

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