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How much do adults hate teenagers? So much that they’ve poured enough money into the box office to justify five movies about watching their deaths. Or maybe it’s all self-loathing kids who’re piling into theaters to load up the box office with Final Destination dollars. Personally I like the idea of teachers lining up to work out their pent up frustration towards their students by seeing Final Destination 5.

Teachers looking for a revenge fantasy won’t be disappointed. The newest trailer for Final Destination 5 is as loaded with teenage death as we’ve come to expect from these movies. Take a look:

One of the best things about nearly all of the Final Destination movies has always been the opening disaster. The first movie gave us one of the most harrowing plane crashes ever seen on screen, the second one delivered on what is still one of the most shockingly huge highway disasters ever filmed, and the third one made me scared to go on a rollercoaster for at least a month. The fourth one had a kind of lame speedway disaster though and from this trailer it looks like the fifth one is trying to get back into the business of bigger is better when it comes to disaster sequences with this collapsing bridge scene. Except, well, even in the trailer it doesn’t look very real.

Final Destination 5 seems to be trying hard, but I’m not sure about the execution after this trailer. What do you think?

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