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We already told you last week that tickets for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 were selling like crazy, with 1,000 showtimes already sold out more than a week before the movie was set to open. Now with the film finally bowing on Friday, those numbers have gotten even more insane. The latest stats from Fandango says that more than 2,500 showtimes are already sold out, and that Breaking Dawn tickets accounted for 93% of their sales yesterday (sorry, Happy Feet Two).

For some lucky, probably screaming Twilight fans though, the movie has already opened-- Breaking Dawn premiered last night in Los Angeles, complete with a black carpet and as much online hype as you could ask for. Yahoo! had a live stream of the entire premiere, and believe it or not, you can still watch it all embedded below. It looks like the steam has been edited to take out the inevitable dead air you get when covering a live event, so if that's your thing, feel free to press play below.

For the record, Breaking Dawn will have a lot of work to do this weekend if it wants to beat the openings for the previous Twilight films. The last one, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, shattered records by bringing in more than $30 million from midnight screenings, moving on from there to an $83 million holiday weekend opening. The film before that, New Moon, brought in a still-impressive $24 million from midnight screenings and had an out-of-control $142 million opening weekend. That makes it the fourth-biggest opening of all time. But you know, no pressure Breaking Dawn-- based on these ticket sales and all those screaming fans, you're going to be just fine too.

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