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After years and years of being stuck in awful development hell, We're The Millers might actually get moving. While Steve Buscemi and Will Arnett were previously attached to star in the project when it wasn't moving, it was given new life when Rawson Thurber was brought in to direct. Since then Jason Bateman has been named as part of the movie, but apparently that's not happening either because they've found someone else instead.

THR has learned that Jason Sudekis and Jennifer Aniston are now in talks to play the male and female leads in We're The Millers. The story is about a low ranking drug dealer who makes himself a fake family so that he can run 1,400 pounds of marijuana across the border from Mexico into the US. The first version of the script was written by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher, the duo that scripted Wedding Crashers, however, it's gone through multiple hands since. The project first started going through the system in 2002.

What's interesting about this story is that all of it hinges on Jennifer Aniston's involvement. Apparently she has been holding on to the script for weeks, but talks have not produced a contract as of yet. The trade says that New Line will either greenlight the film or shelve it again based on Aniston's decision. Jason Sudekis and Aniston previously worked together with the studio on last summer's surprise hit Horrible Bosses (which also had Jason Bateman). Perhaps she enjoyed working with him enough that this could be seen as a way of sweetening the pot.

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