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Disney's upcoming family film The Odd Life of Timothy Green begins with a premise that seems to promise heart-wrenching drama. Jennifer Garner, who won praise for her portrayal of a barren wannabe mom in Juno, plays another fertility-challenged wife, this time opposite Animal Kingdom's hard-chinned star Joel Edgerton. With these two heavyweights and this starting point, you'd expect what would follow would be a tear-filled tale of grief, recriminations and a marriage in peril. But instead, writer-director Peter Hedges (Dan in Real Life) has crafted a whimsical tale about a miracle child and the joy he brought to an entire community.

The jubilant feature's first trailer showed Garner and Edgerton's plucky wannabe parents refusing to give up on their dream of the perfect child, and instead scribbling a wish list of all the qualities their kid would have. Then, they buried these wishes in their garden, and low and behold wake the next morning to find a mud-covered boy named Timothy who is all they wished for! It's the kind of fantastical story that Disney does best, and while the latest TV spot truncates the how of Timothy Green, it nicely captures the tone of possibility and exuberance that seems true to this unconventional family story.

There's a lot to like even in this short spot. There's a wondrous energy, some gorgeous cinematography and tantalizing shots of the film's charming supporting cast that boasts the remarkable Rosemarie DeWitt, the impeccable Diane Wiest, and Lois Smith, who memorably played Sookie's ill-fated Gran on True Blood. Even in brief, this movie looks utterly delightful.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green opens August 15th. To learn more about the movie, check our Blend Film Database.

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