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More than two years ago, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson boarded Turkeys. The project was meant to be the first of several animated movies from Bedrock Studios with smaller budgets, but in the time since, there hasn’t really been much new information about how things were progressing, at least until today when Relativity Media and Reel FX released a statement saying they’re going to co-finance the film.

Apparently, Scott Mosier, best known for his work on many of the Kevin Smith movies, is now on board to produce alongside Craig Mazin, John Strauss and David I. Stern. According to Coming Soon, the studios are still shooting for a 2014 release date. It’s unclear whether the budget has been raised above the initial $35 million, but regardless, Wilson and Harrelson will remain at the top of the bill.

Despite the efforts of some Hollywood stars, who advise adopting rather than consuming, and the President of the United States, who offers one official yearly pardon, an estimated forty-five million turkeys are eaten every Thanksgiving. To many humans, this annual population decimation is a delicious reminder of who has weaponized themselves to the top of the food chains, but to turkeys themselves, the celebration is obviously a whole lot more depressing. Luckily, the species has two new secret weapons: the title turkeys.

The film sees the feathered friends with very different backgrounds journey back in time to try and prevent humans for consuming turkey. There’s no word on how far back the non-DeLorean might take them, but smart money would probably place its bets on the time of the pilgrims. Clearly, no single act has ever had bigger consequences for turkeys than the relatively innocuous choice of what to eat for Thanksgiving.

We’ll keep you updated as the film adds voice talent beyond its two leads.

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