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Blue Sky Studios is best known for their loony and lucrative Ice Age franchise. However, the Connecticut-based CGI animation studio owned by 20th Century Fox has created a wide range of worlds, from the chilly prehistoric terrain of Ice Age, to the shiny and clattering mecha-filled metropolis in Robots, to the Dr. Seuss-inspired jungle of Horton Hears a Who!, and the vivid party atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro in Rio. For their next effort, Blue Sky Studios is taking audiences into the tiny but fantastical and fascinating world that lies just outside their doorsteps, and under their noses.

Epic focuses on the tale of an ordinary teenaged girl who stumbles into an extraordinary adventure. After being shrunk to sprite size, she finds herself entangled in a battle of good versus evil that is breaking out on the forest floor and in its treetops. This is a war too small for human eyes to see, but too important for this human teen to ignore. Check out Epic's new poster below, courtesy of Bleeding Cool:

From the film's previous trailer, we know that that is Mary Katherine, voiced by Amanda Seyfried, front and center. Behind her is the handsome young warrior name Nod, played by The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson. Farther back are the powers of darkness, including Christoph Waltz's malevolent Mandrake. In the foreground you can spot supporting good guys like Ronin, the archer voiced by Colin Farrell, and Mub, the energetic slug played by Aziz Ansari. And of course, the poster is sure to promise all this spectacle will be available in 3D.

Epic opens on May 24th.

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