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There's a lot about Chan-wook Park's Stoker that remains mysterious, but from the trailers and marketing materials we've seen thus far we've been able to get a good beat on the characters that the movie will be playing with. Front and center there's Mia Wasikowska's India Stoker, a young woman broken up over the surprising death of her father, and then there's Matthew Goode's Uncle Charlie, the eerie man with an ulterior motive that comes into India's life following her tragic loss.

But Nicole Kidman's character has been a bit harder to nail down. While she's been featured in each of the movie's trailers and we know she will be playing India's mother, her nature has remained a question mark up until this point. But today, with the movie just about set to make its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Fox Searchlight has sent out a brand new clip from the thriller...and it sheds some pretty brilliant light on just what kind of mom she is.

The new clip was posted over at Yahoo! and you can watch it below.

For those of you who are inticed by this clip (and why wouldn't you be?) the good news is that you won't have to wait very long after the movie's January 20th premiere in Park City, Utah to see the Stoker for yourself. With Fox Searchlight already set to distribute, the film will be making its way into theaters on March 1st. In the meantime, however, you can see more from the movie in our Blend Film Database.

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