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If you've seen the previously released trailers and teasers for The Host, the above clip from Andrew Niccol's film should look familiar to you. It reveals part of the scene where Saoirse Ronan's character Melanie Stryder is on the run and moments from being captured by the bodysnatching aliens, one of whom is played by Diane Kruger. It's not a major spoiler to reveal that the chase doesn't end well for Melanie. Stephenie Meyer's story follows the character as she's trapped within her own mind while one of the aliens, a Soul called Wanderer, controls her body.

More vague plot spoilers from the book ahead.

Unlike The Twilight Saga, which is primarily a romance, The Host is a survival story, with a focus on family, romance and humanity, set before a sci-fi backdrop. When Melanie is occupied, she refuses to abandon her mind and her alien Soul Wanderer finds herself increasingly conflicted and growing attached to the memories and emotions she shares with the young woman, which leads her to track down Melanie's family, in search of her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and boyfriend Jared (Max Irons). That brings us to this other clip, which shows Wanderer and Melanie's Uncle Jeb (William Hurt) having a conversation.

It's worth noting the way they're walking. Jeb has his shotgun on him and Melanie is walking ahead of him. He may just be escorting her somewhere in the cave. But perhaps he's taking her to a planned execution and pondering along the way if maybe there is more humanity - and more Melanie - in Wanderer than people are giving her credit for. Just a bit of speculation. What is evident is that William Hurt is going to make a great Uncle Jeb.

The Host arrives in theaters March 29, 2013. More information, photos and videos here.

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