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“You’re not afraid of the dark, are ya?”

With that ominous inquiry, Vin Diesel shares the first look at his upcoming Pitch Black sequel, Riddick. And as his fans would expect, Diesel posted the clip to his Facebook page, which is a catch-all for exclusive photos (like this or this from the various projects Diesel is eager to promote. The actor knows how to use social media to market himself and his films. He also uses it often just to stay in touch with his fans. Celebrities who are out of touch with their cyber-legions can learn a thing of two from the savvy Vin.

The Facebook clip is really short, and probably has been pulled from a longer trailer that Universal will have in theaters and online shortly. We see Riddick’s hand emerge from the soil of a barren planet, grabbing the neck of what looks to be a pterodactyl. We get a green-screen-looking image of the anti-hero throwing weaponry as he flips in mid-air. And we get Diesel growling a threat to an unseen foe warning them against removing the prisoner’s chains.

Duly noted. Riddick is a sequel to the overblown The Chronicles of Riddick, though Diesel and his director, David Twohy, have been saying they’d like to get back to the bare-boned approach that worked for the initial foray into the Riddick universe, Pitch Black – the movie that helped make Diesel a star back in 2000.

It goes without saying that Diesel’s doing very well for himself these days. In addition to Riddick, he’s pumping fans up for the sixth Fast & Furious movie, which hits a few weeks before Riddick opens in theaters on Sept. 6.

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