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Even if you've never seen Brian De Palma's Carrie, you probably known how it ends. The meek teen girl covered head to toe in pig's blood has become an iconic image, and one that Kimberly Pierce has been embracing at every opportunity with her remake. Back at Comic Con last year she promised buckets upon buckets of blood. The very first images released from the film showed her Carrie (Chloe Moretz) caked in the gooey red stuff, and both posters and trailers since then has likewise referenced the film's gory finale. But the new motion picture above takes it to the next level, offering GIFs of the prom reckoning that flicker behind the chilling calm countenance of the titular tormented teen. Keep calm and Carrie on indeed!

Adapted by Glee and Big Love writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa from the Stephen King novel, Carrie follows the traumatic tale of young Carrie White. A sheltered girl raise by a religious fanatic mother, Carrie is ill prepared for the clique-driven cruelty of high school. But when her merciless peers push her too far on prom night she unleashes revenge using her telekinetic powers. And as you can see above, things get ugly fast.

Devotees of De Palma's version have been quick to sneer at the very idea of a remake. But you got to hand it to Peirce; she's pulled together one hell of an enticing cast. Alongside Moretz, Julianne Moore will play malevolent mama Margaret White. Judy Greer will play the schoolteacher Miss Desjardin, and Gabriella Wilde will play the sympathetic student Sue Snell. See what terror each will face when Carrie hits theaters on October 18th.

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