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If you are a dragon… do not try to eat Vin Diesel's fingers. This is just one of many lessons to be learned in this new restricted trailer for Riddick, which premiered earlier today during the film's Comic-Con panel and is now online so the rest of us get to feel like we were there. And anyway, if you were there to see it in person, all the other geeks would have seen you cringing when Diesel kicks a blade and chops a guys face in half. I told you, do not mess with him, whether you're a dragon or human or both.

Riddick is the third time that Diesel has played the former convict Richard B. Riddick, fearless alien-fighter and all-around guy who knows more than most of the people who want to put him in chains. Even though The Chronicles of Riddick was only a modest success and opened in theaters nearly a decade ago, Diesel has been lobbying to get Riddick made via prolific Facebook postings for years now, seemingly figuring that if he talked about it enough, it would actually happen. And then it did! Production started last summer and ever since then Diesel has kept us updated with constant set photos and tidbits on Facebook. And he's always known how to make the timing work in his advantage-- back in May, just weeks before Fast & Furious 6 opened and took over the box office, he debuted the first Riddick trailer. He's a savvy guy!

We don't know just how much money Riddick had to work with, but it seems safe to assume a lower budget than something like R.I.P.D., and they're really making the most of it. Director Twohy hasn't made a big-budget film since The Chronicles of Riddick-- his last film was 2009's taut thriller A Perfect Getaway-- but both he and Diesel seem to relish being back in this rough-and-tumble outer space world. Riddick comes to theaters on September 6, in that post-Labor Day spot that the Resident Evil movies have dominated for years now. It, honestly, seems like a perfect fit-- big and slightly silly action you might feel a little bad about loving. The Comic-Con crowds were apparently pretty into it today; how about you guys?

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