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Back in the day, kids would come out of popular animated movies quoting their favorite characters. I can remember my oldest son screaming Woody’s angry "You are a toy!" at people following Toy Story. Nowadays, however, young audiences bounce out of theaters singing the parts of movies that they love. The LEGO Movie crowds thought "Everything is Awesome!" earlier this year. Don’t even get me started on the songs from Disney’s Frozen. I’m sure you are ready to Let It Go by now.

The trend might have started with Rio. Director Carlos Saldanha’s 2011 animated comedy, about an American macaw out of his element in Rio de Janeiro, relied just as heavily on its music as it did its humor. Composer John Powell collaborated with Saldanha for a score of Brazilian beats that had crowds dancing in their seats.

The tradition continues with Saldanha’s sequel, Rio 2, which arrives in theaters on Friday. Powell is back, though he’s working with such artists as Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars (who also has a voice in the movie) to craft a collection of tunes on a memorable soundtrack.

What soundtrack, however, did the cast of Rio 2 grow up with? I traveled to Miami to attend the world premiere of Rio 2 and sit down with the cast. We’ll have coverage on the sequel for the rest of the week, but I wanted to start with a question I posed each celeb: Which movie soundtrack did you wear out as a kid because it reminded you of a beloved movie? Listen to Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Kristin Chenoweth and more provide their musical answers:

Want to sing along with them? Here are a few clips to the movie soundtracks they selected:

Will you be singing along with the birds of Rio 2 this weekend? The sequel opens wide on Friday, April 11. Keep it here for more Rio 2 coverage, including a review, and our To 3D Or Not To 3D column.

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