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Michael Bond's book series Paddington might technically be a loveable franchise aimed at children, but to many of us, it plays like a horror movie, something that's pretty obvious in the first full length trailer courtesy of Yahoo Movies. Following the teaser that was released earlier, this clip establishes Paddington as a bear who travels the world and infiltrates the homes of many, destroying their houses, driving up the prices, and sometimes eating their food.


Without any exposition (because bears strike without warning and without notice, so, appropriate), the clip introduces us to Paddington, who must dress like a human in order to fit in and earn our trust. First, his actions are prankish, involving the spread of bacteria onto humans' toiletries. He will also drink all the absinthe you might leave in your bathroom, and ruin your commode, most likely at a moment where you're really going to need the loo.

And by then, Paddington (voiced by Colin Firth) is gone again, off to carve yet another path of destruction. This time it's in what looks like the tube in England, where Paddington fiendishly steals an innocent traveler's dog and walks off with his new companion, blissfully unaware (or malevolently aware) that he has ruined an entire family and destroyed their union forever. There's also loads of photos available online for your perusal. This one was my personal favorite, capturing the chilling threat of Paddington making his way to your doorway.


Paddington, which comes from Harry Potter producer David Heyman, also features Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville and Nicole Kidman. The picture is directed by newcomer Paul King, who logged experience working on British television in shows like The Mighty Boosh, though this is his first entry into the horror genre. Paddington Bear has been world-famous since 1958, though this is the first movie to feature the characters as an all-CGI killing machine. The film hits theaters December 12th from The Weinstein Company's Dimension label, the studio that brought you Hellraiser: Hellseeker, The Amityville Horror , Black Christmas and the upcoming Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Bring the kids.

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