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Like it or hate it, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a film that had some important flaws seriously affecting its total effectiveness. You can't totally fault it for that fact, as even the best films manage to get themselves into some serious jams that only some creative screenwriting can get them out of. However, this isn't one even one of the best movies of the summer, much less the entire history of the Marvel comics-based franchise. This is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the most polarizing film of the summer, and quite possibly the year. (Frozen was a 2013 release, so it doesn't count). That said, the internet's twin titans of takedown, Cinema Sins and Screen Junkies are capping off the summer movie season with a double barrel snark and inquisition.

Now you're probably thinking, "Was that really a Cinema Sins Honest Trailer? Isn't that supposed to be Screen Junkies' racket?" Normally, you'd be right; but in the case of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the two teams decided to switch up their respective formats. If you thought a Cinema Sins Honest Trailer was an interesting breakdown of all Marc Webb's film's flaws, wait until you see the Screen Junkies' sin tally!

There is a lot of overlap between the two videos, from mentions of accidental plot devices that move the story, to the amazing number of Sony product placements However, there are certain points that each respective video raises independently that make for some deep discussion and debate.

For instance, Screen Junkies asks just how Max Dillon could have become Electro just by being shocked, bitten by unremarkable eels, and dunked in a tank of water? This is a Spider-Man movie! You couldn't take the time to explain that these were "special genetically modified eels" that somehow genetically grafted themselves onto Max's DNA through electromagnetic transcription? Spider bites have venom, eel bites just hurt like a bitch for the most part.

Meanwhile, Cinema Sins asks the ultimate question of why The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Richard Parker would go through creating all of the hoops to jump through in order for someone other than himself to find his research and his inner sanctum. Sure, if the "Peter Meets His Father" scene was left in the film this would make a lot more sense. But it wasn't, and he's still dead - so why does he make Peter work so hard to find his research? (which happens by accident anyway) If he wanted Peter specifically to find his research, why didn't he address all of his materials directly to Peter himself?

At the end of the day, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still an entertaining movie in and of itself. How much entertainment you get out the film depends on how much you're willing to overlook the film's flaws, and how big of a Spider-Man fan you are. There were certainly worse films released this summer than The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there's still a degree of camp that has to be attributed to the film's end result. Of course, if you haven't seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you can judge for yourself by renting the film on video on demand or DVD/Blu-ray, as both are currently in stores.

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