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Once upon a time, Kevin Smith was simply a filmmaker, with Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy to his credit. But as Smith’s career blossomed, he assumed numerous roles – opening a comic book shop, producing reality television shows centered around said comic-book shop, and launching a massive podcast network for himself and his friends. When something "Kevin Smith" related happens in this industry, Smith often has his hand in it – including a planned biopic on the director’s first film.

Shooting Clerks is a fan-sponsored, fan-funded docu-feature about young Kevin Smith filming his debut film in New Jersey. On the IndieGoGo site set up for the film, they describe Clerks as "an indie underdog project" and "Rocky with cameras," and they want to capture some of that independent spirit. "Shooting Clerks is as much a celebration of Kevin's work as it is about Kevin himself," the producers state. And it sounds like Smith will play a part.

EW reports that Kevin Smith will provide narration for the project, as well as play a Canadian reporter named Larkin Eve (which, the site notes, is an anagram for "Real Kevin"). A Canadian reporter? Smith has an odd fascination with Canada, setting his Tusk there, involving himself in the underrated show DeGrassi and returning to the Great White North for Yoga Hosers, the movie he’s shooting with his daughter and Johnny Depp’s offspring.

Yoga Hoser

It’s a noble effort, trying to pay homage to the movie that launched Kevin Smith’s career. However, who doesn’t know the story of Clerks at this point? Smith talks about it CONSTANTLY.

Still, Smith’s fanbase is extremely dedicated, and if this turns out well, I can see them flocking to regional festivals to support the effort. Shooting Clerks will be directed by Christopher Downie. It’s currently in production in Vancouver, England and – of course – New Jersey. EW says the crew wants to have it ready in time for Sundance in January.

Shooting Clerks

I just want to know who plays Jason Mewes in the movie?

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