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When it comes to Julia Roberts, the biggest thing on our minds is Secret in Their Eyes, the upcoming drama about a mother losing her daughter and the emotional toll it takes. The trailer teases a stirring performance from the Oscar-winning actress, but she’s got another film on her slate that’s starting to generate even more buzz, particularly through the stellar casting.

Mother’s Day, a comedy starring Roberts from her Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman director Gary Marshall, is forming a star-studded cast alongside the headliner. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis are already starring in the film with Roberts, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Timothy Olyphant of Justified, Britt Robertson of Tomorrowland, and Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars have also boarded the project.

Timothy Olyphant

With Aniston in the role of Sandy, Timothy Olyphant, best known for playing the lead role of Raylan Givens in the FX drama, will play her ex-husband. The actor used to be on the up-and-up in the films of the ‘90s and early ‘00s, but he’s since found his niche in the TV space. However, coupled with Mother’s Day is a role in Snowden, the Edward Snowden biopic starring Joseph Gorden-Levitt. So, perhaps this means grander things for the actor.

Britt Robertson

Britt Robertson used to star in a little CW show about witches called The Secret Circle. For better or worse, it didn’t make it past the first season, but the now-25-year-old hasn’t let that slow her down. She found a role in the hit CBS miniseries-turned-series Under the Dome, the Nicholas Sparks-adapted The Longest Ride, and Disney’s Tomorrowland. Robertson continues to bulk up her credits with Mother’s Day, in which she plays Kristin, a young mother with some neurotic tendencies. Jack Whitehall of the U.K. series Bad Education will play her boyfriend, who’s an aspiring stand-up comedian.

Shay Mitchell

You probably know Shay Mitchell from playing Emily Fields on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, and if you don’t know her from that, you should start watching. Her character came out of the closet on the show and gave the actress an even wider popularity. In Mother’s Day, Mitchell will portray the new wife of Olyphant’s character. She’s perky and she wants nothing more than to be the perfect stepmom to his and Sandy’s kids.

The already cast Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show will play the doctor husband of Hudson’s character, and Loni Love of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 will play a friend of Bradley, Sudeikis’ character. The film is said to start production in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 18, ahead of its release date on April 29, 2016.

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