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Daisy Ridley Needs Only 3 Words To Describe The Rise Of Skywalker

Wondering what's in store for us when we finally get to see Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker? Daisy Ridley has some words for you.

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Charlie's Angels End Credits: Which Celebrities Make Cameo Appearances?

Stick around for the Charlie's Angels end-credits scenes. They are worth it.

Robert Pattinson Explains Why Twilight Is A ‘Weird Story’
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How Christian Bale And Matt Damon Got Into Their Real Life Ford V Ferrari Characters
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The Report Review: Strong Performances Buoy This Tensionless Drama

The Report struggles to turn an important story into a good movie. In the end, it succeeds more than it fails, thanks to strong performances and the fact that the story in question is one that needs to told.

What Ford v Ferrari’s James Mangold Took From His Biopic Experience Making Walk The Line
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Adam Driver Compares Star Wars To His Work On Netflix’s Marriage Story
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Mark Ruffalo Is Psyched About Spider-Man's Return To The MCU
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We Finally Know What Taika Waititi Will Direct Before Thor: Love And Thunder
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Watch Ryan Reynolds Drive Through Italy In Netflix's 6 Underground Clip

Go to Italy for the art, the architecture and the history and stay for the high speed chases.

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Sonic The Hedgehog Director Thanks Fans After Redesign Debut

Thankfully it couldn't have looked worse?

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The Good Liar Review: Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Deserve Better, And So Do You

Every piece of The Good Liar’s machinery has the words “twisted thriller” printed in bold type. With the expectation already set from the beginning, there’s not a lot left for this movie to do in way of surprising its audience.

Yes, Star Wars’ George Lucas Talked To J.J. Abrams About Midi-Chlorians
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Doctor Sleep Could Lose Some Serious Money At The Box Office

Being this far in the red is the real horror story.

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The Batman Director Matt Reeves Is Having Too Much Fun Confirming His Cast

The writer/director loves a cryptic tweet and reaction gif!

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Video | Ford v Ferrari Review

Here's why you seriously need to see this one in theaters.

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Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix Loves All The Fan Theories About Its Ending

Just don't expect the man behind the face paint to offer an easy solution to the film's mysteries.

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Charlie's Angels Star Kristen Stewart Loves That The Angels Start The Movie As Strangers
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Frozen II Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Are Saying

Does the highly anticipated sequel meet those high expectations?

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The Rock Has Announced When Black Adam Is Coming Out

It's about time we get a release date!

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Charlie's Angels End Credits: Which Celebrities Make Cameo Appearances?

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