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An Adam Sandler Fan Analyzed His Movies And Wrote A Plot To Help Fulfill His Promise To Make The Worst Movie Ever
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Adam Sandler In Uncut Gems And 7 Other Serious Roles That Comedians Nailed

These serious roles from these comedic actors are no joke.

Pete Davidson Reveals Adam Sandler Is One Of The Most Genuine Guys In Hollywood
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Uncut Gems: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Adam Sandler Movie

With the project taking 10 years to finish there was a lot that happened.

Is Adam Sandler's Best Co-Star Jennifer Aniston Or Drew Barrymore? The Internet Has Thoughts
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Apparently David Spade Hangs Out On Zoom With Adam Sandler, Tom Hanks, Dave Chappelle And More

These star-studded Zoom calls sound amazing from what David Spade is sharing.

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Adam Sandler Posts Heartwarming Tribute To Late Grown Ups Co-Star Cameron Boyce On His 21st Birthday
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One Major Part Of Uncut Gems’ Ending Was Decided On The Day Of Shooting
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What These 90s SNL Cast Members Are Doing Now

The '90s was a good time for SNL, but has the era's most famous cast members been so lucky since?

Netflix Users Are Watching Uncut Gems And Have A Lot Of Thoughts About Adam Sandler
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Why Adam Sandler's Movies Are So Great To Work On, According To The Wrong Missy Star
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Adam Sandler And LeBron James Teaming Up On A Basketball Drama For Netflix
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Adam Sandler Saw Sonic Right Before Quarantine Started, And He Has Thoughts
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18 Adam Sandler Movies Available Streaming Right Now

The good, the bad, and the Ridiculous 6.

Uncut Gems: 6 Questions We Still Have After Watching The Adam Sandler Movie
Ariana Grande Went Full Waterboy During Isolation, And Adam Sandler Approves

Ariana Grande channeled Adam Sandler's Bobby Boucher in the best possible way.

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Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Pay Tribute To SNL Veteran Who Likely Died From Covid-19

Heartbreaking how many people are suffering having known someone who succumbed to the disease.

Adam Sandler Recalls Getting Angry At Jimmy Fallon Over SNL Impressions

Imitation truly is the most sincere form of flattery.

Rapper Cam'ron Takes Shots At Uncut Gems For Offering Him 'Sucker Ass Role'

It looks like Cam'ron has some thoughts for the Safdie Brothers about Uncut Gems.

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Adam Sandler Says He's Never 'Phoned’ One Of His Movies In, Despite Some Backlash
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