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Why One Survivor Alum Regrets Not Being 'Authentic' About Their Background During Time On The Show
James Cameron Shares Another Epic Avatar 2 Set Photo As Filming Wraps For The Year

James Cameron shows off more behind-the-scenes goodness from the Avatar sequels.

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New Justice League Video Offers Behind The Scenes Look At The Team Assembled

To commemorate _Justice League'_s finished work in London, a new behind-the-scenes video is online showing the team assembled and other cool moments.

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This Is How Back To The Future's Incredible Opening Scene Was Filmed

The opening shot of Back To The Future really tells you absolutely everything you need to know about Doc Brown. The incredible number of clocks reflect both his kookiness and fascination with time; his automatic dog food opener shows us both the love for his dog, Einstein, and his love for inventing; and both the malfunctioning toaster and missing coffee pot immediately tell us that he's kind of a disorganized dude.

New Snow White And The Huntsman Videos Give Us A Look At Costumes, Characters And The Kingdom

While the Tarsem Singh directed Mirror Mirror hits theaters in a matter of weeks, Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman won’t release into theaters until June 1. We’ve seen some bits and pieces of the movie in the various sneak peeks that have been released, and now there are three more videos, which give us a better look at the story, the characters and the costumes.

Game Change Featurette Shows Julianne Moore Becoming Sarah Palin

Every time HBO releases another piece of promotional material for Game Change, my anticipation grows. And that's quite impressive considering the last time HBO, writer Danny Strong and director Jay Roach teamed up, they won the Outstanding Made for TV Movie Emmy for Recount. Obviously expectations were already high, but this latest behind the scenes featurette cuts away with some of the humor and somehow makes it look more compelling.

Eastbound & Down Season 3: Behind The Scenes With Danny McBride And Jody Hill

HBO just released the first full trailer for the upcoming year of Eastbound and Down. The third season of the half-hour comedy is bringing Kenny Powers back to American soil, this time with a minor league pitching position as part of the Mermen in Myrtle Beach or as it's also known, "the redneck Riviera." And when the co-creators promise the funniest, best season yet, you best buy your season's tickets. Here's a behind the scenes look.

Take Another Trip Behind The Scenes Of The Hobbit!

I'm a huge sucker for bonus features on Blu-rays and DVDs, so naturally these videos are like crack to me. They really do impart how ridiculously huge this production is, and the only sad thing is that we're going to have to wait another 12 months before we can actually see the result (and even then it will only be half the story).

Revenge Cast Looks Happy Behind The Scenes Of Treachery

If your mind is still wandering back to last night’s episode of Revenge, you might want to see some of these behind-the-scenes photos, which feature some of the cast looking surprisingly smiley, despite what their characters are going through.

Look Behind The Scenes Of The Three Musketeers

What should viewers expect from the upcoming Three Musketeers? Based on this video, which features director Paul W.S. Anderson and the cast, swords, guns and frilly dresses. I suppose none of that really sets this new adaptation apart from the previously made films, however, as mentioned in the video, this will be the Three Musketeers that tells a 400-year-old story using 21st Century technology.

Camelot Clip Shows How They Created Their Sword In The Stone Moment

For all my quibbles, Camelot did serve up a few genuinely unforgettable moments, most of them twists on iconic moments from Arthurian legend. Its most brilliant moment involved Merlin's pursuit of a sword and the resulting tragic end of a scared young girl. A close runner up is yet another moment involving a blade: Arthur's infamous retrieval of the sword in the stone.

First Look Featurette At Fox And Jonah Hill's Animated Series Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory, the new animated series from Fox and Jonah Hill, just happened to be both my final and favorite panel of this year's Comic-Con. Even after only a seven-episode order from the network, the show looks great and is probably one of the funniest pilots I've ever seen. It's not uncommon for a show to take a few episodes (seasons) to find its footing but by the looks of the footage and this new behind-the-scenes featurette, they did waste any.

AMC's The Walking Dead Goes Behind The Scenes With Makeup Artist Greg Nicotero

Everyone is pretty excited for the return of AMC's The Walking Dead. It's one of the few new series last season that really captured audiences and instantly converted them into mindless, uh, zombies, obediently tuning in each week to see what blood, guts, and gore-thirsty creatures Sheriff Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors had to deal with, or decapitate and disembowel, this time.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Teaser And Behind The Scenes Featurette

There are very few shows that make me laugh out loud and Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of them. It's so funny and awkward and cringe inducing that it makes me spit-take. I'm not exaggerating, my monitor has to wear a poncho every time I sit down and see what Larry David, a walking natural disaster, has gotten himself into this time.

Jonah Hill Has A Tux And A Gun In Newest 21 Jump Street Behind The Scenes Photo

A few minutes ago Hill took to his Twitter account and sent out a message saying, "21 Jump Street". Channing just snapped this picture of me texting between set ups." In addition to being the first shot of Hill in costume, this photo is interesting for many reasons.

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The Walking Dead Teaches Us How To Plan A Zombie Attack

Aside from being a gripping character drama with no shortage of nerve-jangling action, AMC's The Walking Dead also boasts gore and zombie attacks on par with any Hollywood blockbuster. But as impressive as their zombie effects are, the folks behind the show realize that there's more to crafting a terrifying zombie apocalypse than just convincing blood 'n' guts.

Watch The Stars Of Take Me Home Tonight Reminisce About The Making Of The Film

In the time that I've been doing this job, one thing that I've learned is that movie making can be a lot of fun. With the right chemistry between those involved and a proper atmosphere, being on a set can be an absolute blast. Because everyone is having fun both on screen and off, this goes double for comedies, and certainly looks like it was in play during the making of Take Me Home Tonight.

Behind The Scenes Of The Apocalypse With Walking Dead DVD Features Clips

We're only four weeks away from the zombie apocalypse...and it will be televised. Well, technically it's just the Blu-ray and DVD release of AMC's awesome zombie drama The Walking Dead. And technically it was already televised, but...whatever. Let's just put a round in the head of this metaphor and be done with it.

Let Us In, We've Got Let Me In DVD Clips

Go behind the scenes with school bullies and pre-teen vampires

Watch Johnny Depp Re-Enact Rango Live On Stage

Let’s face it: A lot of actors take voiceover roles in animated movies because it’s an easy paycheck. So maybe you thought Johnny Depp was just taking a turn at cashing his, by voicing the title character in Rango

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