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What's Going On With The Dune Movie, According To Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve recently opened up and addressed the status of the upcoming Dune adaptation. Here's where the project is right now.

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How Many Dune Movies Denis Villeneuve Plans To Make

Denis Villeneuve working on developing a Dune movie, but it looks like more than one movie may be on the table.

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How Denis Villeneuve's Dune Will Compare To Star Wars

Denis Villeneuve is prepping to direct a new adaptation of Dune and this is how it will compare to Star Wars, the most widely popular sci-fi franchise.

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One Big Difference Between Making Blade Runner 2049 And Dune, According To Denis Villenueve

Blade Runner and Dune are both beloved science-fiction properties, but director Denis Villeneuve recently opened up and explained how working on Dune feels different compared to Blade Runner 2049.

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Why The Dune Reboot Won't Be Based Off David Lynch's Version

It's been over three decades since David Lynch's Dune movie was released, but don't expect Denis Villeneuve's upcoming reboot to take any inspiration for the previous theatrical adaptation.

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10 Book Adaptations The Whole World Is Still Mad About

Some of the best movies ever have been adapted from books... and then there's the rest of them. Not every adaptation is Harry Potter, but these movies might as well be a punch in the face.

Zoe Saldana Wants In On Another Sci-Fi Franchise

As if she didn't have enough sci-fi product on her resume, Zoe Saldana has one more project she'd theoretically add to the pile, if given the chance. Read on to see what universe she's eager to play around in.

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Why The Dune Remake Won't Happen Any Time Soon, According To Its Director

Director Denis Villeneuve's ascent to notoriety has been a rocket ship -- and a lot of that has to do with the fact that he's been extremely prolific.

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The Dune Remake Has Its Director, And We Couldn't Be More Thrilled

Dune has a director, and it's a pretty big hire considering the project's pedigree. Read on to see the lucky helmer and why we're positively ecstatic to see where this is going.

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Arrival And Blade Runner Director Denis Villenueve In Talks To Helm Dune

Last month, Legendary Entertainment acquired the movie and TV rights to Dune, and now there's word that Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve may be the man who ends up helming the new movie.

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Why A New Dune Movie Might Be On The Way

There have been calls and attempts over the years to give Dune another shot at the big screen. Now it looks like that opportunity may finally come.

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Director Wants To Make Dune, But In Animated Form

Director Ari Folman would be up for the challenge of bringing Jodorowsky's Dune back to life in animated form. Nothing is confirmed yet, but Folman is meeting with Jodorowsky.

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10 Sci-Fi Movie Classics We'd Like To See Made Into TV Series

The TV remake train is still going, and if you're like me, you're thinking sci-fi is the perfect genre to keep mining. So here are ten classic sci-fi flicks that I would be totally down with seeing get transformed for the small screen, assuming everything about them would be made perfectly.

7 Epic Science Fiction Movies That Will Open Your Eyes

Science fiction movies can be epic in big or small ways. More often than not, they make you think.

See The Original Dune Handout That 'Helped' Fans Follow Along

What you'll find inside are two full pages of definitions that were handed out to patrons paying to see director David Lynch's adaptation of Frank Herbert's famous sci-fi novel Dune back when it was first released.

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Movie Poster Mash-Ups Blend Together Your Favorite Blockbusters

Sometimes Fan Art is better than the actual art studios put out, mostly because it presents material that's already known to everyone – just in unique ways. And sometimes, it's better because it makes us laugh when at something we normally wouldn't. Laugh that come from things like British Pop Bands on desolate planets, Ewok hookers, and luxury liners with deadly vendettas. All of those and more lie behind the curtain, as we curate some of the most fun (and funny) art on the Internet.

Sand Worm Eats Paramount's Production Window On Dune

Moving forward, Rubinstein hasn’t quite figured out whether he’ll continue with Taken scribe Pierre Morel’s script, but if he does, expect alterations down the road. It’s hard to imagine another studio moving forward as is without hiring someone to tweak it to its liking.

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Dune Production In Trouble, Pierre Morel No Longer Attached As Director

Earlier this year things were looking quite good for the remake of Dune. Though Peter Berg had dropped out of the project, they had found a suitable new director in Taken's Pierre Morel. Then

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FlixWorthy: Angels & Demons & Spice & Head Panties

Welcome back to FlixWorthy, your weekly guide to Netflix streaming. This week brings Tom Hanks rescues the Catholic church (again), Sting gets sand in his space speedo, and Pee Wee loses his ride

Dune Remake Finds A Writer To Punch Up The Script

Chase Palmer has been hired as said writer. Morel's current plans are to make a film version that more closely follows Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, rather than David Lynch's 1984 film

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