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Jake Paul Got Called Out By MMA Legends Vitor Belfort And Anderson Silva

Jake Paul may not have fought last night, but that didn’t stop him from being a major part of the post-fight conversation. Following Vitor Belfort’s dominating victory of Evander Holyfield, the MMA legend called out Jake Paul.

Jake Paul's Boxing Career: 6 Key Moments Since He Joined The Sport

Jake Paul's fighting career is polarizing, but we have the biggest moments from it for those curious.

After Tyron Woodley Win, Jake Paul Is Already Trash Talking Conor McGregor

Jake Paul celebrated another victory in the ring this weekend. The YouTuber turned boxer won a decision over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and now everyone is wondering what his next opponent might be.

Chaos Struck Ahead Of Jake Paul Fight After Tyron Woodley's Mom Went Off On A Dude

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley's pre-fight showdown ended in chaos thanks to an incident involving Woodley's mom.

Of Course Jake Paul Was A High School Bully, But He’s Working On Changing

Jake Paul was a high school bully. That’s probably not a shock for you to hear.

Mike Tyson Has Some Advice For His Son Who Wants To Fight Jake Paul

Mike Tyson’s son wants in on the fight game. More specifically, he wants to fight Jake Paul. Let the record show, the former Heavyweight Champion Of The World is not into that.

Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley: Everything We Know About The Fight And How To Watch

Former MMA champ Tyron Woodley will be Jake Paul's toughest test yet as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul Knows People Hate Him, And Of Course He’s Got Thoughts About That

YouTube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul churns out headlines the way other people do text messages. A lot of people don't like that.

Jake Paul Is Hilariously Trolling Conor McGregor In The Best Way After Dustin Poirier Fight

Jake Paul loves to get under people's skin, and he got surgical with this expert-level trolling of Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul Will Not Stop Taunting Conor McGregor After Spending $100K On Expert Level Insult

The former MMA champion suffered a pretty gruesome leg injury near the end of the first round to the disappointment of many fans. Not among those disappointed, however, was Jake Paul who immediately took to social media to roast McGregor.

Jake And Logan Paul Are Getting Rare Praise From One Of Boxing's Biggest Stars

The Paul brothers got some praise from a boxing great.

Logan Paul Is Getting Clowned Hard Over Claims That Floyd Mayweather Actually Knocked Him Out

Logan Paul claimed he stood toe to toe with the greatest boxer of all time, but one clip has critics saying he got knocked out.

Jake Paul's Latest Taunts Didn’t Sit Well With The CEO Of Floyd Mayweather’s Company

You’re not going to believe this, but Jake Paul was running his mouth again.

As Jake Paul Continues To Call Out Everything Breathing, He's Going Into Business With Showtime
Mike Tyson Knows Why Boxers Hate Jake Paul So Much

Numerous current and former fighters have stepped forward with challenges, and a lot of their rhetoric has been very aggressive. It’s clear there’s hatred behind a lot of their words, and Mike Tyson thinks he knows why.

Watch Floyd Mayweather Start Scrapping With Jake And Logan Paul Ahead Of Boxing Match

The Paul brothers got in a scrap with Floyd Mayweather ahead of the big showdown.

Joe Rogan Talks Hearing Thousands Of People Swearing And Screaming At Jake Paul
After Getting Knocked Out By Jake Paul, Ben Askren Dropped Some A+ Quotes

The much-hyped match between YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul and former MMA star Ben Askren finally went down last night, and it did not go well for Askren or fans hoping for a prolonged and competitive fight.

Jake Paul Shares Long, Personal Message After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault Ahead Of Ben Askren Fight

Jake Paul has formally responded to Justine Paradise's sexual assault allegation.

Jake Paul Accused Of Sexual Assault By TikTok Star Justine Paradise

TikToker Justine Paradise has accused Jake Paul of sexual assault.

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