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This Epic Movie Supercut Highlights All The Crime In 2014

In case you didn't already realize, 2014 was a pretty damn good year for crime movies - and for proof of that fact, you need look no further than the latest supercut that has come across our desk.

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Jeremy Renner Explains Why Hawkeye Wore That Bizarre Black Widow Mask

Jimmy Fallon is an impressionist, a talk show host, and a comedian. But last night he proved a top-rate investigative reporter when he uncovered the origin of that nightmare-inducing image of Jeremy Renner in full out Hawkeye gear wearing Scarlett Johansson's face.

Making Kill The Messenger Taught Jeremy Renner Journalists Aren't Always The Enemy

Based on the tragic true story of news reporter Gary Webb, Kill The Messenger explores shady U.S. government dealings that essentially allowed huge amounts of cocaine to pour into America.

The Wire's Omar Was Once Cast In A Marvel Movie, Here's What Happened

Michael K. Williams was too big a name to be casually popping up as a featured extra. So how did this happen? Turns out, Williams had a major moment with the titular superhero that was nearly completely cut from the film.

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One Of Hollywood's Best Actors Is Campaigning To Play Black Panther

The time is right for actors looking to make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to speak up if interested. And first to say it loud and proud is Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Board Walk Empire.

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Jeremy Renner Fights The CIA In New Kill The Messenger Trailer

"Some stories are just too true to tell," says one character in this blazing new trailer for Kill The Messenger. This true story centers on reporter Gary Webb, who uncovered a massive CIA-fronted operation that resulted not only in the government-sanctioned shipment of drugs and illegal behavior by drug cartels, but also the protection and safety given to various drug kingpins and satellite criminals. Prepare for controversy!

Jeremy Renner Has Washington In His Sights In Kill The Messenger Poster

"Can you keep a national secret?" That's the question posed by the bold poster Focus Features has released to tease the unveiling of their soon-to-hit trailer for Kill The Messenger. You may not recognize him blown out and bearded, but featured here is two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner.

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Ray Liotta Helps Whistleblower Jeremy Renner In Kill The Messenger

Kill The Messenger is based on an incredible true story. But far from focusing on mafia men, it centers on journalist Gary Webb. The investigative reporter’s career—for better or worse—was defined by a three-part series called “Dark Alliance” that he wrote for the San Jose Mercury News.

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Jeremy Renner To Star In True-Life CIA Thriller Kill The Messenger

Kill The Messenger, the in-development movie based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb, has been in development for quite a long time now. The project was first set up at Unuversal eight years ago by producer Scott Stuber, however, it has wallowed in development hell ever since. But finally the film has gotten some good news that could very well put it on the fast track.

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