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Halle Berry Has Some Blunt Comments About Her Oscar Win

Halle Berry made history when she became the first black woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress and her acceptance was one of the most emotional moments in Oscar history.

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How The Oscars Will Handle The Accountants And The Envelopes Moving Forward

Following the Best Picture embarrassment at last month's Oscars ceremony, there's been a shake-up to make sure such a mistake doesn't happen again.

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The Vicious Matt Damon Joke Jimmy Kimmel Didn’t Get to Use At The Oscars

It seems that Jimmy Kimmel had a brutal joke planned for Matt Damon during The Academy Awards that he ultimately did not get to use.

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How The Academy Is Punishing The Accountants Who Screwed Up The Best Picture

The Academy Awards' barred list just got a little longer, as the accountants connected to this year's Best Picture fiasco have been punished.

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The Extreme Measure The Rock Was Preparing To Take During The Oscars Best Picture Debacle

This year's Oscar flub isn't going away anytime soon, but at least there's some interesting stories to be had from the night heard 'round the world. Just ask The Rock, who recently explained how ready he was to tackle a man, all in the name of a correct result.

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Watch James Corden Spoof The Oscars Flub As Emma Stone’s La La Land Character

James Corden's spoof of the already infamous Oscars mistake might just be the best one yet.

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Why Moonlight Deserved To Win The Best Picture Oscar

The distribution of last night's Best Picture prize will certainly go down in Oscar history, as it was something unlike anything the audience of millions had seen before, but the really important thing to take away from all of it is this: the right movie ultimately walked away with the award.

The Oscars Accidentally Gave Best Picture To The Wrong Movie, See The Awkward Video

This year's Academy Awards ended on a weird note when the Best Picture Oscar was given to the wrong movie.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Entire Oscars Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel's entire monologue from the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony is finally available to watch online.

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No One Has Ever Been More Excited About Candy Than Taraji P Henson

Oscar attendees were treated to candy tonight, and none of them looked more excited for the gift than Hidden Figures star Taraji P. Henson.

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Watch Justin Timberlake's Epic Oscars Opening Performance

The 2017 Academy Awards opened with a great performance from Justin Timberlake. Read about the highlights ahead.

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2017 Academy Awards: Oscar Winners Updated Live

That time of year has come once again. Tonight, the biggest stars in Hollywood will gather together in Los Angeles, and together they will all work to celebrate the best of the best that cinema had to offer in the past 12 months. It's once again time to enjoy the Academy Awards, and we have you totally covered!

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How To Watch The 2017 Oscars Streaming

Going back a decade ago, there was exactly one way that a person could watch the Academy Awards: on television. That, however, is not the world that we live in anymore.

How Jimmy Kimmel Is Making Fun Of Matt Damon Before The Oscars Even Begin

The playful rivalry between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon is infamous, and things came to a head last year when Kimmel hosted the Emmys. Now that he's upgraded to the Oscars, check out how the late night host is already getting his licks in on Damon.

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Why Hell Or High Water Should Win The Best Original Screenplay Oscar

The Best Original Screenplay category has some excellent candidates for this year's Academy Awards, but we believe that Oscar should go to Hell or High Water. Here's why.

The 2016 Movie Jimmy Kimmel Wishes Had Been Nominated For A Best Picture Oscar

Even though there can be up to 10 nominees for Best Picture, there are always a few movies that get snubbed no matter how many people loved them. Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel think's this movie should have gotten some more love from the Academy.

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The Real Reason Kate Winslet Is Skipping The Oscars, According To A Report

Tabloids are saying that Kate Winslet is avoiding the Oscars because of a feud with Leonardo DiCaprio! But just how true is that?

Why The Jungle Book Needs To Win Best Visual Effects

Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book needs to win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects this year. Here's why.

Watch The Best Picture Nominees Get Shredded In This Hilarious And Accurate Honest Trailer

A hilariously accurate Honest Trailer for this year's Best Picture nominees proves that no movie is perfect. Check it out!

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What Percentage Of Lead Movie Roles Actually Go To Women

While this year's Oscar nominees are far more diverse than last year, it seems that there still may be work to do in order to become more inclusive of women.

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