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See What Robert Pattinson Could Look Like As DC’s Young Bruce Wayne
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6 Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Here are the folks Hollywood should be looking at to play Batman.

Robert Pattinson Almost Punched The Director On The Set Of His New Movie

Sometimes actors and directors don't see eye to eye.

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15 Actors Who Have Been Rumored To Take Over For Daniel Craig As James Bond

Who will be the next James Bond? We're not sure, but there's some rather promising names floating around the position.

The Earliest Twilight Script Was Crazy Different, According To Catherine Hardwicke

We spoke with Catherine Hardwicke as Twilight was returning to theaters in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

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Twilight Director Originally Warned Robert Pattinson Off Of Kristen Stewart

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of 2008's Twilight, mentioned Kristen Stewart was underage when they started filming Twilight.

What Catherine Hardwicke Would Change About Twilight If She Could Make It Today

We spoke with Catherine Hardwicke earlier as she prepared to bring Twilight back to theaters for this anniversary screening.

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Why Kristen Stewart Was Perfect For Bella, According To Twilight's Director

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Hardwicke's series-launching installment, the director hopped on the phone with CinemaBlend to discuss her pivotal casting, opening up to us about the moment she knew Kristen Stewart was destined to be her on-screen Bella.

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Robert Pattinson Reveals He Moisturizes Enough To Act In Another Twilight Movie
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Robert Pattinson's Next Movie Is Heading To Netflix

Robert Pattinson made his name in movies geared toward the teen and tween set, but these days his résumé, is a whole lot more eclectic.

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Robert Pattinson Is Unrecognizable In New Damsel Trailer

The actor trades in his vampire fangs for a silver tooth in this quirky old west tale.

How Twilight's Robert Pattinson Feels About Doing Another Big Budget Franchise

The actor has done mostly smaller, independent films since Twilight, so is he done with big-budget films forever?

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How Robert Pattinson Lost His Sense Of Self While Making Twilight

It turns out playing a sparkly vampire for four years can really affect how you see yourself.

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Robert Pattinson Says Good Time Cut A Scene Where He Slays A Demon

Co-directors Benny and Josh Safdie craft Good Time into a gritty, grounded and real-world robbery-gone-wrong drama, where two brothers make horrible decisions after a heist they plan goes wrong. The action is limited to the dingy boroughs around New York City, and a "dream sequence" pit stop to a Virginia farm would have been surreal.

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Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Have Reportedly Broken Up

It looks like Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have reached the end of the road. Here is what we know.

9 Actors DC Should Get To Play Joker In His Origin Movie

With a Joker origin movie on the way, we've compiled a list of nine performers who could absolutely nail the role. Let's dive in and talk them out!

The Game Of Thrones Character That Robert Pattinson Would Have Wanted To Play

Robert Pattinson knows the exact character he'd like to have played on Game, if he were given the chance.

Rob Pattinson's Good Time Shot A Key Scene In A Domino's Pizza Without Telling The Customers

A key scene in Good Time films in a Domino's Pizza, but in New York City, even a movie set can't get in the way of a pizza dinner.

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Robert Pattinson Accidentally Spent A Bunch Of Counterfeit Money From A Movie Set

Robert Pattinson was apparently up to more weird stuff recently. Here's what happened.

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One Thing Robert Pattinson Disliked About Working On Twilight

Robert Pattinson has done a lot to take on independent and outside-the-box projects in the time since Twilight was wrapping up its series of movies.

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