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Robert Pattinson Has A Colorful Way Of Describing Tenet’s Wild Plot, Including F-Bombs
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Why Robert Pattinson Really Thought He F-ed Up His Tenet Audition
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Tenet: Christopher Nolan’s Description Of Robert Pattinson’s Character Teases More Twists
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The Batman Star Hypes Up Robert Pattinson’s ‘Amazing’ Dark Knight
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Robert Pattinson Says Tenet Was Exhausting And He Didn't Even Do Most Of The Work
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The Batman: Robert Pattinson’s Workout Regimen Sounds Intense
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10 Cool Twilight Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

Edward and Bella could have been played by former Superman and Katniss actors, and we've got even more wild BTS facts about Twilight.

Robert Pattison’s Story About Landing The Batman Role Is Pretty Wild
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That Time Tenet’s Robert Pattinson Realized He Was ‘Wrong’ About His Character During Filming
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Holy Pattinson, The Batman's Finally Moving Forward Again?
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Why The Batman Halting Production Turned Out To Be A Good Thing, According To Robert Pattinson
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Could DC Allow For Two Versions Of Batman In Its Film World?

Could this be our reality in the near future?

The Batman Fan Art Shows Lighter Version Of Robert Pattinson’s Suit
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The Batman’s Colin Farrell Teases Some ‘Tasty’ Scenes For His Penguin
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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Robert Pattinson’s Isolation Struggles
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Looks Like The Batman Can Start Filming Again Soon, So Suit Up Robert Pattinson
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Tenet’s Robert Pattinson Shuts Down Major Theory About Christopher Nolan’s New Movie
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The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Explains Why He’s Not Worried About Being Compared To Previous Versions
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Epic DCEU Fan Poster Unites All The Current Heroes Including Robert Pattinson’s Batman
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8 Quick Things We Know About The Batman

DC’s Caped Crusader is finally getting to lead another solo movie.

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