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5 Great Science Fiction Movies That Don't Involve Aliens Or Robots

Not all sci-fi is just robots and aliens, you know. Here are five great sci-fi films that go against the norm.

Reminiscence’s Hugh Jackman Recalls ‘Favorite Memories’ From Shooting The Sci-Fi Movie

It sounds like Hugh Jackman enjoyed his time on the Reminiscence set.

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Former Arrow Star Is Returning To The CW To Star In A New Sci-Fi Drama

A former Arrow star is returning to The CW for a new series!

Doctor Who: New Details On Christopher Eccleston's Return Have Been Revealed

There's new information regarding Christopher Eccleston's return to Doctor Who.

Daisy Ridley Explains What Seeing Tom Holland’s Thoughts Looked Like On Chaos Walking’s Set

Daisy Ridley explained how she actually saw Tom Holland's thoughts while on the set of Chaos Walking.

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The Orville's Jessica Szohr Is Hyping Fans Up About Season 3 Going Back Into Production

Jessica Szhor is getting fans hyped about Season 3 being in production!

Why Star Trek: Strange New Worlds May Begin Filming Soon

There's reason to believe Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will begin filming by the end of this week.

Battlestar Galactica Executive Producer Reveals The Latest On The Peacock Revival’s Progress

Sam Esmail is diving right into the Battlestar Galactica universe.

Katee Sackhoff Celebrated Netflix's Another Life Wrapping Season 2 Filming, But When Will It Premiere?
Tom Hanks’ Sci-Fi Dog Movie Has Been Affected By Wonder Woman’s Date Change

Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer before Tom Hanks is back on the big screen.

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The Expanse's Studio Just Thanked The Fans For Bringing The Show Back From Cancellation

The Expanse studio expressed its gratitude to the fans who pushed for the show's renewal by Amazon.

How The Sci-Fi Genre Helped Zoe Saldana Avoid Stereotypical Movie Roles

The actress who is in some of the biggest franchises going right now has found an escape from stereotypical roles through science fiction genre.

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The Bite Trailer Is Disgusting And It Makes Me Want To Vomit

The first trailer for Bite has been released, and it proves that the horror, sci-fi hybrid is definitely going to be a watch-through-fingers job.

New Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Game Coming Out This Year For PS4

Exploding Tuba Studios recently announced that they have a brand new game in the works called Divide. The title is a throwback to the old-school isometric adventure games that were oh-so-common on PC during the mid and late 1990s.

Fortified Review: The Pulp Theme Is Clever But Game Feels Incomplete

From developer Clapfoot, the 1950’s style, sci-fi adventure, Fortified, dates back to multiplayer games like Team Fortress 2 in the style of the comical martian invader movie, Mars Attacks. I was given the opportunity to test out the game for myself on Steam, and let’s just say I wasn’t totally disappointed. Although, it also wasn’t what I expected.

Xbox One And Xbox 360 Owners Can Download ScreamRide Demo Tomorrow

Microsoft's new roller coaster simulator, ScreamRide, will crash-land on Xbox One and Xbox 360 systems on March 3rd. But if you're the impatient type, I have good news: the demo will be available at midnight tonight.

Routine Could Possibly Come To PS4

The sci-fi horror game that steeps its atmosphere in the slogan “In space, no one can hear you scream”, could be making its way to the PlayStation 4.

Timeline Maps Out Settings Of Sci-Fi Classics

2013 now and we still haven't mastered the technology of Back to the Future Part II's hover board, much less mass-marketed hover mobiles. Still, at least society hasn't devolved so far that Manhattan has become a maximum-security prison. And while class struggle is frequent topic of conversation, let's be glad "bonejacking" a la Freejack hasn't come to fruition yet.

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Sci-Fi Thriller Revoc Sold To Summit By Icelandic Filmmaker Olaf de Fleur Johannesson

A new science-fiction story is on the horizon and this one hails all the way from the Nordic nation of Iceland. Olaf de Fleur Johannesson, who has become well known in his home country for his action thriller Borgríki (known here in the U.S. as City State) has sold a pitch to Summit Entertainment for a new sci-fi action movie called Revoc.

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Carrier Command Coming To Xbox 360, PC This Fall

Rising Star Games announced that they will porting over Bohemia Interactive's Carrier Command. The game will be made available in North America for the Xbox 360 and PC sometime during the late third quarter of 2012.

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