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The 10 Best Trailer Park Boys Episodes, Ranked

"I ain't got no candy for you," but I do have 10 best episodes of Trailer Park Boys.

Trailer Park Boys' John F. Dunsworth Has Died At 71

One of the most memorable actors of the beloved series Trailer Park Boys has passed away. John F. Dunsworth died at 71.

The 10 TV Shows That Mention Drugs And Alcohol The Most

Over the years television has been a major source for drug and alcohol references in pop culture, and here are the ten shows with the most intoxicating mentions.

How To Watch Trailer Park Boys And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming

Those who aren't into watching football for the next few weeks might want some new streaming material to replace all things (not really) made out of pigskin, and you’d be in luck, as Netflix became a one-stop shop for cult comedy, ice cold James Spader and David Duchovny getting some poon.

Trailer Park Boys Headed To Archer, Plus Visit The Offices Of Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

Last week's third season premiere of Archer featured one of the best guests stars ever in Burt Reynolds. With those giant shoes to fill, FX has been hard at work lining up a bunch future visitors, including Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and now, the trio from Trailer Park Boys. That's right, Randy, Julian and Bubbles will all be lending their voices to the superb spy spoof later this season.

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