Trailer Park Boys' John F. Dunsworth Has Died At 71

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The last couple of years have sadly been filled with all kinds of tragedies in showbiz, and fans have lost greats of the big screen, the small screen, and even stage. In fact, so much bad news has broken that some have come to dread seeing celebrity names in headlines and/or trending on social media, lest something bad has happened to them. Sadly, one more famous face has passed away. John F. Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys and Haven fame died recently. He was 71 years old at the time of his passing. The news of his death came courtesy of a social media post by his daughter. Take a look:

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Sarah Dunsworth broke the sad news in a Twitter post, revealing that her father's death came after an illness that was both unexpected and brief. While she was undoubtedly sharing the news to update loyal fans on what had happened, she also requested privacy. We can only hope that everybody is respecting that request, as now must be an immensely difficult time for the whole family. Interestingly, John Dunsworth and Sarah Dunsworth have a history of working together. Father and daughter both had prominent roles on Trailer ParkBoys.

If you're not up on Trailer Park Boys in John Dunsworth's performances, you've been missing out. The Canadian series is a mockumentary, although it doesn't have a whole lot of similarities to popular American mockumentaries like The Office and Parks and Recreation. The show follows the exploits of a group of residents in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park up in Nova Scotia. The protagonists are three petty criminals by the names of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles who just want to make money without drawing the attention of the police.

John Dunsworth played Jim Lahey, who was the vindictive supervisor of Sunnydale who constantly tried to stop the main trio from getting away with their schemes. His efforts were consistently thrown off by his drunken mistakes, and he was drunk for a lot of his time on the show. It was unfailingly funny to see Lahey and the trio try to one-up each other, only to be set back by their various incompetences. Dunsworth won many fans for his work as Jim Lahey, and we can be sure that he'll be missed by viewers.

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of John Dunsworth. If you'd like to honor the actor by watching him in action as good old Jim Lahey, all you need is a Netflix subscription. All 11 seasons of Trailer Park Boys are currently available streaming on Netflix, along with a number of Trailer Park Boys specials and movies. The series is totally binge-able, so you may want to make sure you have a block of time to spare for a marathon. Haven is also available streaming on Netflix. Our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule and fall TV guide can point you toward some other viewing options as well.

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