It’s the first full week of professional football, guys, and I realize that some of you may not be in the same “let’s build a potato chip effigy to Drew Brees” frame of mind that I am. So maybe you want some new streaming material to replace all things (not really) made out of pigskin, and you’d be in luck, as Netflix became a one-stop shop for cult comedy, ice cold James Spader and David Duchovny getting some poon.

And if our choices here aren’t totally in your wheelhouse, other new streaming releases this week include The League’s Season 5, The Good Wife’s Season 5, Last Tango in Halifax’s Season 2, as well as seasons of Doomsday Preppers, Zero Hour and Weird or What?, if you’re into those sorts of thing. But for now, be sure and book yourself a room at the fuck-off hotel Lahey for everyone’s favorite mobile home community lads.

”trailer First, a moment of silence for show creator Mike Clattenberg, who sold the show’s rights to its stars in 2013, and has moved on to Adult Swim’s hilarious Black Jesus. It’s been roughly six years since audiences have had the chance to live with Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (Robb Wells) and Bubbles (Mike Smith) on an episodic basis, and though the time between Seasons 7 and 8 was filled with movies and specials, nothing gives these characters their comedic dues quite like a TV series. This is just one of two Trailer Park Boys seasons (and more) that Netflix acquired, wisely recognizing the binge-factor that comes with cult comedy series like this. And this season has just about everything you’d expect from these entrepreneurial gents, from strip club openings to dead goldfish to Bubbles attempting to use his sheds to become a honey oil manufacturer. Look out for a couple of special guests and returning characters, and above all else, remember to pick me up a bag of jalapeño chips before you watch.

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