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Twilight's Kristen Stewart On How Fame Helped Her Relate To Princess Diana For Spencer

The actress' latest role has her portraying the famed and tragic royal.

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Kristen Stewart And Rami Malek Just Had A Twilight Reunion, And You Can Thank Taika Waititi

The beloved actors once played vampires together in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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5 Things Netflix's Top 10 Content List Has Taught Me About What People Are Into, And Yes, Twilight Is Involved

The Netflix Top 10 is an interesting microcosm of everything Netflix has to offer. Here's what I learned when I really sat down and thought about it.

The Twilight Saga: 6 Things I Would Change About The Movies After Rewatching Them On Netflix

I have some notes for the filmmakers behind the Twilight saga starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Has A Twilight Crossover Question, And Now I Need It

The famous Slytherin just asked the ultimate Harry Potter vs. Twilight question and a member of the Cullen Clan played along.

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With Twilight On Netflix, Bryce Dallas Howard Shares A+ Story About Fighting Robert Pattinson
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Twilight Fans Are Debating The Best In The Series As The Entire Franchise Continues To Chart On Netflix

The vampire movies starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is a phenomenon once again.

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10 Marvel Characters The Twilight Cast Would Be Perfect To Play

You know, there are plenty of vampires in the Marvel Universe the Twilight cast could play...

Twilight Movies Dominating Netflix's Top 10, But Manifest Has Started Crushing In The Numbers Again
The Twilight Books Vs. The Movies: 10 Major Differences From Stephenie Meyer's Novels And The Films

Let's compare notes between the best-selling Stephenie Meyer novels and popular movie franchise starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

A Lot Of Twilight Fans Are Having The Best Weekend As Kristen Stewart's Movies Make Their Way To Netflix
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Kourtney Kardashian Goes Full Twilight Sparkly Vampire In Steamy New Pics With Travis Barker
The Twilight Movies Streaming: How To Watch Each Of The Kristen Stewart Films Online

Don't let your blood boil, the entire Twilight Saga is available to watch and watch again on streaming.

Two Iconic Songs From The Twilight Soundtrack Are Finally Streaming, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

We've been waiting for these Twilight bangers to be streaming along with the saga's recent resurgence.

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Netflix New Releases: The Karate Kid and Other Movies And TV Shows Streaming July 2021

Go ahead, get excited for what's coming to Netflix in July of 2021.

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Olivia Rodrigo Picks The Perfect Song Off Sour For Twilight's Team Jacob

The pop sensation is a Twilight fan can relate to the werewolf side of the YA franchise.

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Twilight Director Finally Explains Why Emmett Cullen Randomly Carries Around Eggs
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Transformers And 5 Other Franchises That Are Immune To Bad Reviews

These franchises keep on going despite repeated bashings from critics.

Why Twilight's Peter Facinelli Likes To Joke He 'Bought The Role For $29.99'

The vampire phenomenon's Carlisle Cullen recalls the crazy way he nabbed the role.

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How Tessa Violet Recreated The Iconic Twilight Baseball Scene With Peter Facinelli For Her Music Video

The pop singer played homage to the memorable Twilight scene with an actual Cullen vampire.

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